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The AC-3 Acoustic Simulator uses the BOSS COSM Acoustic-Modeling technology to transform your electric guitar into sounding like an acoustic Guitar.

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Ac 3 dr

Status: In production

Type: Acoustic Simulator


Street Price: $118.99

Avg Used Price: $89.00


Volume | Reverb | Body | Top | Mode | On/Off



The BOSS AC-3 takes your electric guitar signal and transforms it into an Acoustic sounding guitar. This is accomplished by using digital COSM(Composite Object Sound Modeling) technology. The pedal has a variety of modes and can be adjusted to find the right acoustic tone for the moment. Reverb is also included to give you that big concert hall sound.


This pedal is very easy to use, even though it is multiple features. The pedal is designed to split your signal, sending the acoustic simulation out via the lineout. The line-out is best sent directly to a mixer at the front of the house or an acoustic guitar amp. This achieves the best results for the modeled sound. Then the on/off switch acts as an A/B box between you electric guitar tone and the acoustic simulation. If the line out is not used, then the effect is put in-line with your signal.

There are five controls for the pedal unit. VOLUME controls the overall output. The REVERB control gives the amount of reverb that is mixed into the signal. The BODY and TOP control adjust the characteristic of the acoustic guitar sound giving a verity of resonance and harmonics. The MODE control adjusts between four styles of acoustic guitar sounds.


The effect produces a very realistic and dynamic sounding acoustic tone. There is a wide tonal variety available from the pedal. The effect responses nicely to the dynamics of your picking, and if you strike with a very strong attack the effect produces a simulated string pop. For the demo of the unit the Jumbo MODE produced the most convincing acoustic sound while on the rhythm pickup of the strat.


Metal construction, built to last.


Digital, BOSS COSM modeling technology. Power

9 volt ac adapter or 9volt battery.

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