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The EVH phase 90 is a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and Dunlop to update the classic phase 90 to produce his legendary phase sound. Painted with a red body with black and white stripes to match his Frankenstein guitar graphics.

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Status: In production

Type: Phaser

MSRP: $185.70

Street Price: $121.00

Avg Used Price: $90.00


Speed Knob | "Script" switch | on/off switch


THe MXR EVH phase 90 Overview:

The EVH phase 90 reproduces Eddie Van Halen’s classic phase 90 sound that is used extensively on their early recording. Updated and super charged.


Easy to use. Rate knob for speed of the phase. The script button engages a more vintage phase 90 sound, emulating the classic early script logo models.


Big jet engine swoosh, great distorted or clean.


Solid metal case, and components. Built to last.


In production.

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