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The Flint us a dual effect for Reverb and Tremolo. A digital effect that has a distinctly analog feel. Multiple settings for both Reverb, and Tremolo producing endless combinations.

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Status: In Production

Type: Reverb | Termolo


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Tremolo Intensity | Speed | Type | Bypass | Reverb Decay | Color | Type | Mix | Bypass



The Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb effect pedal emulates 6 different classic Tremolo and Reverb sounds. Reminiscent to the days when the only effects available were on your amp, the Flint reproduces these effects perfectly.


The pedal is two effects in one pedal, and the controls are provided by effect. On the Tremolo side, you have Intensity and Speed controls. Intensity controls the level of the tremolo, and Speed is how fast it oscillates. There are 3 types of Tremolo, ‘61 Harmonic, ‘63 Tube, and ‘65 Photo. The team Strymon researched and analysed the sounds of each type of Tremolo and build the Flint to emulate the effect characteristics down to the finest detail. On the Reverb side of the pedal you have Decay which increases the effect amount, and color which changes the tone, there is also Mix which blends the effects into the signal. There are 3 hidden features where if you press both the bypass buttons at once, the Intensity and Decay controls switch to control a boost and cut. The speed control also switches to control subdivisions of the tremolo settings. Packed with features all are easy to access and control by the player.


The overall tone of the unit is very warm and responsive. The 60’s Reverb effect is a faithful reproduction spring reverb tank as found on many amps of the era. The 70’s Plate Reverb is a tighter sound, and the decay range increases dramatically. The 80’s Reverb moves more into the digital era of Hall reverbs, and the decay range extends to infinite. The Tremolo settings range from the 61’ harmonic, 63’ Tube, to the 65’ Photo Tremolo. These tones transverse from an almost phaser modulation type sound to the more amplitude based tremolo sound associated with Photocell based effect in Amps from the 60’s.


Metal case construction, beautiful anodized aluminum color, study jacks, and controls.


9 volt ac adapter only, included with pedal.

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