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The Wahtz Wah is a DIY kit for a standard wah pedal. The Kit is a medium level project requiring both soldering skills, and assembly of the pedal housing.

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Type: DIY


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Foot rocker for sweep | On/Of switch



The Wahtz Wah pedal DIY kit is a mid level DIY pedal project. As well as electronic soldering, there is all a fair amount of mechanical assembly. Once assembled the pedal produces a standard Wah pedal effect, with a very nice sweep.


Mid level project, great instructions, and easy to follow. There is plenty of space to work inside the pedal housing, the components fit well, the leads on battery connector were a little short but still allowed the battery to sit below the components. Had to remove all washers on the on/off switch to raise the switch high enough to be engaged by the foot rocker.


The finished Wahtz pedal gives a classic Wah effect. The sweep is similar to a classic dunlop or Vox. Not too dramatic, but gives many sweet spots for soloing.


Heavy duty metal casing. Parts are good quality, there is ample space for parts placement, and soldering.


Add a LED. There is a predrilled hole for the LED, and a schematic available on the MODKITsDIY website.


Available through aplifiedparts at Amazon, Ebay, and

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